Boat Trip (2002) IMDB 4.60(19 734) Full Movie Download

original title: Boat Trip
rating: 4.60(19 734)
The us, Germany
Director: mort Netan. in roles: cube’s Gooding Jr., Horacio Sanz, Roze”in Sanchez, Vivica A. Fox, Maurice Fit, …
running time: , 97 min.
release date: 2002


Abandoned girlfriend, Jerry receives from his friend proposal lick his wounds and go to the sea voyage on a ship, Packed with luxurious devushkami.Prob”emyi begin from the moment when they realize that this is a cruise only for men, among which – the eccentric millionaire, who already had his eye on nick. But not everything is so bad and life becomes bright colors and boil after a ship picks up the boat with beautiful girls from the Swedish Bikini Team…

Review: Excellent year-old Comedy with a sea breeze ride you through the ocean of good summer mood! ‘Marine adventure’. It would seem that the meanings of the names of the many, only need to learn this genre paintings. But I would like to assure you that the ‘Marine adventure’ this is nothing but a very good fun (a bit of a teenage) Comedy, which you can watch dozens of times just to set the mood. Pictures such as this do not burden our minds severe implications and philosophical meaning of the painting as a whole. Such pictures only beautify our life, make it easy on the rise and just eclipsed by the warm summer evening in front of the screen (in the company or not) and have a beer (optional) or just because. This movie, as it always looks very easily and naturally, but at the same time, these paintings want to look and look for lots of funny moments in the summer the background (which I very strongly improves mood, and sometimes the meaning of life) and great fun acting not forgotten in our memory for a very long time.
The plot tells us about two koreshah, not away the fun with young cute ‘kiskami’. What a ladies ‘ man-losers in the resort. The only difference is that one of them polnenkiy short, all his life thinking about sex. And the second one too often thinks about sex, but in addition to this and still a very sentimental (which, of course, very well, in fact feelings play a very important role in the soul of man). It also throws the girl, and he, after much thought, agrees going back to the peak-up with his drujbanom. But here comes to mind is unlucky idea pick up Chicks in the sea cruise. That’s just the problem is that the cruise was to blue. Each vyiputyivaetsya of the problems, how can a variety of ways. Although in this kind of pictures are always happy-ends. Not an exception and ‘Marine adventure’.
Actor in a Comedy is not always important. In any case, not all comedies she is really talented, in some (by the way, quite often) plays a large role play different curious scene, invented by writers or just the situation. The days of Jim Kerry passed, but here acting is pretty good.
The humor here was expressed by 40 % through humorous scenes and a 60% through the acting game, which is very important for the film, even for a Comedy. Really liked the cube’s Gooding Jr. in his role. Maybe, just an actor so captivates the audience for its charisma or simply appearance, and can, he plays very well. Perhaps, I will focus on that here play the role of both: and the appearance and the way he was playing in this character. In this role, he is simply good, I think, many will agree with me. Horacio Sanz plays typical of his acting career role of the underdog, very loving sex and sometimes (even) of its receiving. Plays well, but I would like to see him in other roles. Roger Moore though and played a homosexual, but his acting fame not violated (you haven’t forgotten his role in the pictures of James bond?). Plays unobtrusively, but at the same time unusual, and even stylish.
Well, and Rozelin Sanchez plays well (not shedevralno, but for her character more and is not required). Many film (by the way) remember more and because of the sexuality of the heroine Sanchez. In short, acting not be dim, but on the contrary is very bright and cheerful (if you can call it that the acting game, even carefree), so, what should be done in such summer comedies.
Excellent work more and Director, but what we have noticed in this picture of something so interesting or surprising, that I would like to say a special thanks to the Director? No. But, nevertheless, the picture he took off, and took off so that we (me and other people) will want to see this movie again and again.
Meaning of the picture, in fact, what real love is much more important than sex, and that if you want something high and this really sincere, you get it. Can think, and can simply relax at the time of viewing. Your business! But, in any case, I can not see that the ‘Sea adventure’ in General a great picture for the elevation of mood and not only!
8.5 out of 10
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